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This is the official website part of the ViA Group and ViAcard. Here you will find descriptions of different solutions for a future Cashless Society and links to topic you may be interested to find.

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The story and background to .go

Back in 1999 and 2000, I, the founder of the ViA Group, did start a TLD project under Dubai Internet City, named DiDRA and applied for the .go and .dubai top-level domain name. All the details will sone (October 2021) come as new content on the www.kanngard.com website.


OFFLINE POS solution which creates inclusion is what is needed in a cashless society, the e-Society.

The ViA Team has in 2017 filed provisional patent for the worlds first affordable Offline POS terminal, which will be given FREE to street Vendors. There is no MDR Fees and there is no signing up fees. The new Offline POS terminal has been given the name ViA MiniPay.

The Offline MiniPay terminal uses NFS and do not need any GSM or Internet. The ViA Group are planing to deploy the ViA MiniPay in West Africa, Senegal, Egypt, India and Thailand during 2018.

The ViA Group has also invented a few important solutions for how to make it possible for a consumer to know if a device, such as an ATM or Card Acceptence device (POS terminal) is a real device or a fake device.

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There you will find the patent description as well as link to YouTube.

Electronic Money | e-Money

Is it truly your Money? How safe are e-Money and Wallet?

This is a few of the questions you may have related The Future of Your Money. The Author Lars Olof Kanngard with more than 30 years experience has created the website www.evaluedefinition.com to try to help not only you as a user but also Governments and decision makers to see the reality of a society based on e-Values.